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OxbridgeEssays.com Review

General Information about OxbridgeEssays.com

A modern website filled with amazing statements and huge numbers such as ‘260 millions written words’ and ‘3000 writers’ are what distinguishes the essay writing service called Oxbridgeessays.com from other companies. And this is not all. This service promises to be ‘100% confidential, 100% on time and 100% guaranteed plagiarism-free’.

Aside from the extremely high number of writers, all other claims are similar to those of other writing companies. Yet, in our experience with writing essay services reviews, we have learned not to trust promises before checking what a company truly has to offer. Therefore, this oxbridgeessays.com review is about to tell you what you can expect from this particular writing service.

Services Offered by OxbridgeEssays.com

The range of services offered by this company is much smaller than those of other popular essay writing services. According to the website’s Services page, oxbridgeessays.com offers a limited number of academic papers: essays and essay plans, dissertations and dissertation chapters, presentations, coursework and model exam answers.

The fact that the company fails to provide the majority of academic papers is a big disadvantage for an essay writing service. Still, the company offers the abovementioned papers for all academic papers, which is a good thing.

Prices on OxbridgeEssays.com

Annoyingly, you cannot know the price for your paper unless you try to place an order. Therefore, our essay services review experts recommend that you check the pricing in the Order page to see the quote for your assignment.

Once we opened this page with the goal of writing the oxbridgeessays.com review, we found out that this company offers an extremely high pricing for academic assignments. Even though they have a good reputation for quality of content and on-time delivery, coursework delivered within 10 days for undergraduate level costs £145 for 1000 words!

Furthermore, you cannot order a paper that is smaller than 1000 words, which makes it impossible to order smaller assignments from this company. This eliminates the company from your choices if you have a smaller paper to write.

Discounts and Special Offers on OxbridgeEssays.com

Discounts are non-existent at oxbridgeessays.com, at least from what we saw on the official website. This makes us rate the service’s pricing as bad since, without any discounts or special offers, the originally high prices simply cannot be reduced.

Many companies offer first-order discounts and loyalty programs to entice new and returning customers into buying papers from them. The lack of such features makes this company a bad choice for those looking for a regular provider or a reduced price that will allow them to try out the company for the first time.

Customer Support on OxbridgeEssays.com

We wanted to contact the company and ask about existing discounts, but could not do this since they have set working hours and do not offer 24/7 customer service. You can contact the company from 9am to 6pm and only from Monday to Friday! This is a huge problem since you cannot get in touch with the service in case of emergency, changes in your order, missed deadline, some questions or even bad quality paper.

We were very surprised to find that this is a company that does not have a live chat option.

Our essay service review for oxbridgeessays.com is not among the highest in the list for several reasons: the short list of services, high prices and non-existent discounts and limited customer support service. Even though this company has good reputation in terms of quality of content and on-time delivery, there are many disadvantages from choosing them as your provider.

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