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As you probably know already, is quite the popular essay writing service, promising quality papers and affordable prices. Having a website with trendy design and years of experience in delivering a variety of papers within set deadlines makes this a company worthy of our time, which is why we decided to get to write an review. As is the case with our other essay services reviews, we will try to evaluate the service to check if their promises truly stand.

According to the website information, writers at this company are all native English speakers with great education and experience. Furthermore, this essay writing service promises to deliver ‘fresh and novel content’ and do so for a ‘starting price is only £8.67 per page’.

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Services at are exhaustive and include the most commonly ordered papers such as essays, dissertations, book reports, research papers, theses and coursework.

Still, you would have to look for your paper in the Ordering section, since the company failed to provide this information in the Services page. The only information you will find here is about their essay services, which may mislead you to thinking that essays are all you can get from this company.

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With our experience as people who write essay services reviews, we do not expect all claims to be real. However, when a student sees a claim that says prices are the best on the market, they will surely expect cheap prices from a writing company. In this case, the statement is quite vague and unfortunately, incorrect.

Prices at are affordable, but not as low as you would think. For example, an essay for high school level costs £10.39 to £21.58 per page, depending on the deadline. This is a solid price, but far from the most competitive on the market.

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At this point, the only discount we found on the website is the first-order discount of 15%. You can use this discount by adding the code from the website and we would say that it is a solid discount when compared to that of other essay writing services.

We found no Discount page or other mention of a discount program, which was quite disappointing. Our review cannot be ranked high in the evaluation list since the company obviously failed to offer loyalty discounts to returning customers or bulk discounts for bigger orders.

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Contacting this company is easy. In order to let you know of how well their customer support works, we have decided to check out the contacting options prior to writing this essay service review. Generally speaking, there are three main contacting options offers and these are the live chat, phone number and email address. We tried all methods and were only satisfied by the phone option, since we never got a response to our enquiry on the live chat. As for the e-mail, we got a reply after 2 days, which is a very long period for a company that claims to work 24/7.

What we discovered when evaluating this company is that even though this is a popular service, it may not be the best choice for those in need of quality service. First of all, the website content needs some serious improvement in terms of presenting information. Secondly, the lack of discounts is very concerning, even though the company’s pricing is not bad at all. Finally, their customer support is not reliable enough for a customer to feel safe ordering from this company.

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