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Would you be interested in ordering your papers from an essay writing service that promises the ‘lowest prices on the market’? In order to check this promise from, we have decided to write this essay service review.

Students often struggle with limited budget, which is why they are attracted by essay writing services who promise cheap pricing. However, the quality of service and of content is equally important when choosing a writing service and this company promises to deliver high quality academic papers. Let’s see if all this is true.

Services Offered by is an essay writing service that works on a different principle than other writing companies. With this writing service, students get the opportunity to pick their own writer by checking out the portfolios and profiles of people who bid on their papers.

Even though this looks like an interesting approach, it is actually a very risky one. Even if students are able to pick their own writer, they are risking making a bad choice and getting a bad paper. Furthermore, they have to spend a lot of valuable time on researching and choosing the most suitable bid.

Other than this, is one of the very few essay writing services that can provide you with all kinds of academic papers. Even though no one can guarantee that writers will bid for your papers at all, this company gives customers the option to choose ‘other’ in the list of papers and add the requirements manually.

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The biggest disadvantage in our review is the false claim of the company about the ‘cheapest prices on the market’. Sure, you will probably get extremely cheap bids for your papers, but these are only offered by the least experienced writers. Choosing these writers may easily result in a terrible paper, as feedback online suggests.

Generally speaking, neither the company nor our review can really tell you about the pricing. The service simply cannot give such statements or provide you with an average quote since it is the writer who offers the quote and you who accept it.

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As for discounts, this way of working does not allow to provide you with any discounts or loyalty programs whatsoever. Seeing as writers bid on the papers and you choose the best bid, the company does not have any room for special offers. For those looking for regular content providers, this may be a huge reason to look elsewhere.

The advantage with this method of working is that you can get a better price if you are good at bargaining. You have the opportunity to communicate with writers who bid on your papers, which may allow you to convince a writer to reduce the original bid.

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The customer support at works amazingly and we would rate it as one of the highest in all our essay services reviews. The agents on the live chat are prompt, effective and extremely professional, which means you can contact them at all times, every day.

Quality of papers at is a difficult thing to evaluate, even for experts who provide you with essay services reviews like us. Seeing that you can pick a writer from a limited list of bidders and that you can never be sure if the writer will do a great job, we cannot really predict if your paper from this company will be of high quality.

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