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The key feature that would be of interest for all students is the average pricing of According to the official website, Essay Pro has an average pricing of only $9.5, which can be considered extremely advantageous. However, the fact that this company does not set the pricing because you and the writer agree on it, made us decide to look a bit closer and write an unbiased review.

If you want to try out picking the writer for your paper, this essay writing service is a popular choice you should consider.

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The principle of work is different from that of other essay writing services and allows this company to offer an exhaustive range of services. In the case where you cannot find your paper in the list on the website, you can always choose the option called ‘other’ and add the information yourself.

This makes it one of the few companies who deliver all kinds of academic papers. However, the fact that you are picking your own writer can be a bit overwhelming, time-consuming and risky, since you must pay special attention to the profile and portfolios of all bidders, as well as their feedback. After all, rushing with your choice could easily lead to bad results since you may pick a bad writer for your paper.

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As we previously stated in this essay service review, Essay Pro is a company without fixed pricing. With this essay writing service, it is the customer who picks the price out of the bids for their paper or agrees on it together with the writer.

Taking this into consideration, we found it quite strange that the company lists an average price on the website. Bidders can offer whatever pricing they find to be suitable, which is why we think this statement is very vague and unfair towards students who will think they found a highly affordable service for their papers.

Surely, you will have bids for your paper that will be extremely cheap when compared to those of other companies, but we would not recommend choosing those. The writers with most experience and best portfolios at Essay Pro bid with higher quotes and are your best shot at getting quality content. Still, you can never be sure that you have made the right decision until you get your paper.

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Writing this essay service review is very complex since the website does not provide us with the information we look while evaluating a service. For example, while other writing services offer fixed prices and various discount options, this company offers none of these.

As one would expect from a company that does not pick the writers for their orders, Essay Pro cannot offer you a loyalty program or first-time discount. You are the only one who can discuss and use bargaining skills to reduce the original bid.

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The live chat at works perfectly and the agents are very effective. The only disadvantage here is that the company has provided only this option as your method of contacting them.

Our essay services reviews serve to help you make the safest choice for your academic papers, not only the most affordable. This is why we cannot recommend to those looking for quality content since quality of papers is not guaranteed, especially if you choose this service with the goal of paying a low quote.

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